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Dubspot "Amen Break" Tutorial


Today, my first article for the Dubspot blog was released. Dubspot is an electronic music production and DJ school based in New York City, with a major online education initiative. The instructors include the best of the best in their respective fields, some of whom are my closest colleagues in this tiny yet explosive niche. This group includes DMC champion DJ Shiftee, “The Professor” Steve Nalepa, Laura Escude aka Alluxe and DJ Rupture. It’s a heady group to be affiliated with, and I’m proud to have my name attached to these talented individuals.


My article is half tutorial/half music history lesson, covering the sampling and audio-slicing of the classic “Amen Break” from 1969 by The Winstons. Using Native Instruments Maschine, the article demonstrate the process for slicing up the “Amen Break” into even sections, so the user can rearrange and recompose the most popular drum loop in music history.

Here is the original recording, “Amen Brother” by the Winstons, from 1969…

One of the most famous uses of the “Amen Break” was in N.W.A.’s “Straight Outta Compton”…

Here is Nate Harrison’s famous short film on the history of the “Amen Break”…

And a fascinating retrospective by the BBC about the “Amen Break” over the last 40 years…

Maschine Raw Voltage Demos

Last week, Native Instruments released “Raw Voltage”, a sound expansion pack for their popular Maschine series.

This sound pack focuses on analog synthesized sounds directed towards the Aphex Twin/Flying Lotus subset of electronic music. These sounds were all sampled from a huge, specially customized synthesizer. Some more explanation from the Native Instruments site…

“All these exceptional sounds stem from (a) unique custom modular system, owned and operated by synthesis expert Roger Grønberg (Frodebeats), from Norway.

“The system includes modules from Modcan, MOTM, Oakley, CGS, STG, Encore, Buchla plus many unique custom and DIY modules, as well as analog synthesizers like Arp Odyssey/2600 and Korg MiniKorg 700s.”

Using complex synthesis techniques, all sound shaping took place completely within the synthesis process. The only additions were some added multiple analog delay lines, plus occasional spring or digital reverb. As a result, most of the sounds are raw and ready for your own processing and effects ideas.”

I was asked to create a demo for this package, as were my colleague, Taurus Scott and Justin Myracks. I created two, one of which was selected as a demo project to be included with “Raw Voltage”. Above are the two demo tracks, extended to full songs. Please enjoy!