New Juke and Footwork tracks…

These are some Juke/Footwork tracks that I have recently completed…

If you are not familiar with the Chicago-born and cultivated dance style, here are some videos to give you an idea…

Here is one of my favorite footwork videos.  I love the music in this one, and the dancing is just insane.  These are some pretty young cats too.

Here are 4 of the best footworkers in the world, showing how this artform has been cultivated over the last 5 or so years…  Freestyle battling in its rawest form, you can see how this type of environment would serve to inspire more innovative interpretations with critical feedback.

Here are 2 of those same dancers taking their talents outside of the thinktank, performing with Madonna…

This video features an Oakland, California born style, Turf Dancing, which while similar to footwork has its own distinct tempo and laid back qualities, yet still exhibits the same intense skill and finesse.

This next one isn’t technically footwork either, however it is an incredible mix of old and new, contemporary and traditional.  Yo-yo Ma with LA dancer, Lil Buck.  ‘Nuff said.


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