Some news and gigs…

July has been a pretty busy month, lots of tracks in production, the physical release of the latest issue of Big Up Magazine featuring an article I wrote, and we’re ringing in August with a few gigs and some exciting new shizness.

The flyer above is for an event this Friday, July 23rd, in San Pedro, California. Ten Commandments of Dub is the Long Beach area’s biggest dubstep event, going down monthly, and featuring some of LA’s hottest producers and DJs. I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Selecta Ghetto and Madame X who run the event (as well as a great art gallery in San Pedro) and they have invited Computo to come play this weekend. These are two of the sweetest people I’ve met in LA, they are all about the music, and have a great attitude and vision. The first two artists performing at this event will be streaming live on the Bombadub radio show on… which leads to the next topic…

On August 6th, Computo will be performing live on Bombadub! It will be a fun time, planning some pretty special stuff for that show, and since the audience can listen in stereo, I might drop some live Digital Drugs, if you think you can handle it…

On the topic of live performances on the innernetz… Computo is working on putting together a regular live streaming show on ustream or some similar facsimile of it. This will be a completely live, anything-goes, performance based show, with occasional special guest or dead air (not). The frequency and specifics are still in development, but there should be an announcement about this by the first week of August.

Finally, here’s a quick video of Computo performing at the Concrete Jungle LA Skate Shop grand opening in San Pedro. This was a super fun gig, with a lot of stoked kids and food and a giant halfpipe to keep things busy… I highly recommend checking this skate shop out, the indoor design is AMAZING, and the guys who work there are very supportive of the scene. The kids seemed to love Computo, too…

Oh yeah! Cannot believe I almost forgot this…

The incomparable Vermin Street Records has turned 1 year old!! I cannot begin to express how awesome this label and everyone involved are, nor how confident I am that this label will be a force to be reckoned with in no time. I am so so SO deeply humbled to be involved with as eclectic and unique a group of maniacs as these guys, and I am super eager to get this forthcoming “Banana Tits” EP out with them. Check out this blog post about their birthday, and the megasupermonster-mix which features an two unreleased Computo tracks (one forthcoming;)!! Who knew!


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